Security System - The Jupiter Educational Suite utilizes a levels-based security system to establish informational rights and authentication. This system is fully integrated into all database queries, retrievable documents, charts, tables, and/or reports. Levels include the identification of: parents, teachers, school administrators, and/or project employees. The system uses Windows 2000, SQL 2000, .Net Architecture, and Jupiter's object-oriented source code. The system can easily be integrated into any Windows based network for remote publication or administration.

Management System - The management system developed for Jupiter is designed to give grouping rights to any user level of the same or lower levels. It utilizes Windows 2000 groups and database roles, and it models the grouping system for class management, gradebook, and curriculum activities. Jupiter also allows for manual sub-grouping of students to meet T.E.A records submission requirements. The system is scalable and robust and takes full advantage of the inter-operability of the Windows framework.

Message Board - The communications area of Jupiter works in tandem with the management and security protocols of the product. Message boards can be implemented by users for their group levels as well as for group levels below theirs. This feature provides customized communication strategies for groups of users without the additional overhead of entering a different software package. Management features include screen display options, user banning features and the automatic editing of words that may not be appropriate for the public school age setting.

Curriculum Management - Jupiter Educational Suite v. 2 offers a drop-in, html enabled, module for educators to create and/or edit lessons and activities. The curriculum components are integrated into the course registration process and the grade management process. Once a course/class curriculum has been completed by the educator, that course or class becomes instantly and seamlessly available for student registration. The system includes data fields for state or federal standards guidelines, rubric style evaluations, lesson and activity management. This makes the system easily customizable to smaller groups of students based on their learning styles, their reading levels, or other special interests. Jupiter v.3, based on the .Net architecture will offer drag-and-drop features to WORD and EXCEL documents into the curriculum management process.

Jupiter Evaluation Wizard - The Jupiter evaluation wizard allows educators and administrators to create surveys, multiple choice, true-false, or fill-in-the blank evaluations on-the-fly. Once created, the administrator assigns groups of users all rights and permissions to take the evaluation. Evaluations are graded by the computer, recorded in the student's gradebook, and weighted according to the value set by the educator in the curriculum management process. Administrative Survey's can also be created to evaluate issues out-side the gradebook framework. Since the evaluations are created via a web-enabled process, they can be created from any location served by Internet access making them available to students instantaneously. A simple attendance feature can also be enabled to record class attendance.

Student Registration/Scheduling - The student registration system is fully integrated with the Management suite. Once courses have been created, they become immediately available for individual or group student registration. Once registered and accepted into class, the student's personalized web-top is created showing the student's class schedule. Links to online courses and evaluations are also created at registration.